• Hoop24seven Mission

    Our mission is to connect basketball players by enabling them to reach new communities and levels of competition that are currently unavailable.

    Hoop24Seven is a basketball website for basketball players by basketball players. More than anything else , the purpose of Hoop24Seven is to connect basketball players around the world with each other. Hoop24Seven allows players to find their level of competition no matter where they are. We are excited to have the opportunity to bring such an innovative concept to our fellow basketball players and hope it finds great use in our community.

  • Dashboard | Hoop24Seven


    The dashboard is the user homepage; it displays Profile, Home Court information and Rating. The dashboard will also allow users to view and respond to game Invitations from other users.

    Rating | Hoop24Seven


    The Rate Me option displayed on the viewer page of player profiles allows players to rate each other’s skills. The rating goes from 1 to 5 stars and is calculated per position. The rating is displayed under your profile picture and is also used to compute Home Court rating.

  • Monthly Interactive Calendar | Hoop24Seven


    The monthly interactive calendar allows users to schedule games by simply selecting the desired day and completing the fields required to Create A Game. Users may also view their scheduled games, invitations and cancelled games..

    Create Game | Hoop24Seven

    Create A Game

    To create a game users must select a court, date, and time. Once the game has been created it is viewable to the entire basketball community. Users can invite players from their Favorites to games.

    Invite Basketball Player | Hoop24Seven

    Invite Player

    From a scheduled game notification or player page, users can invite other users to games. When selecting to invite players from a created game, users can select to invite players that they have saved in their Favorites. If at a user’s page, the user will be prompted to select the game to invite the player to from My Games.

  • My Games | Hoop24Seven

    My Games

    My games, the alternative view to game notifications, displays a user’s scheduled games in a list. This option simplifies the expanded Calendar format. Invitations are not displayed until confirmed.

    User Favorites | Hoop24Seven


    User favorites are bookmarked court and player profiles to allow quick access. Users can save frequently visited courts to their favorites to reduce search time for courts. User may also add other users to their favorites to make it easy to find players to invite to a game.

    Game Invitations | Hoop24Seven


    Users can view all game invitations pending a response. Users can choose to confirm or decline all game invites they receive. From this menu, users can also choose to Create A Game and Invite Player.

  • Custom Search | Hoop24Seven


    The search feature allows users to create custom searches for courts, players and upcoming games. Users can search the entire United States or narrow their search radius to as small as a single city.

    Player Directory | Hoop24Seven

    Player Directory

    The player directory is a full listing of users. Using the search option, users can reduce the directory down to players in a specific area, allowing them to find players they would like to compete with.

  • My Profile | Hoop24Seven

    My Profile

    Users can use the my profile page to update their user information and home court selection. The user age, height, level played and position displayed on the Dashboard is inputted and updated from here.

    User's Home Court | Hoop24Seven

    My Home Court

    A user’s home court is the location that they play at with the most frequency. When a user selects a home court, their rating is computed into that court’s rating. A court’s rating is the average of all the player ratings of the users who have that court saved as their home court. This is important because it allows players looking for games to find the gym with an average skill level that suits them.